<span>Sidney Nolan</span>One must be absolutely modern 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>This terrible shrub beside me 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Young Rimbaud 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>I come from an ancient race 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Isobel and Rimbaud in hospital 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Djamila 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Madame Rimbaud in hospital 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Walking into the wheat fields on crutches 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>I shall offer myself to the God of the sun 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>At dawn we shall enter splendid cities 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Dawn gallop at Harar 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Drunken boat 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Rimbaud on his litter 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Rimbaud and his brother in a boat as boys 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Generalised - boy 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Boy falls on the cannon 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Shooting of Rimbaud by Verlaine 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Rimbaud's mother 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Those lying couples 1982 <span>Sidney Nolan</span>Incredible floridas 1982