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About this event

Online education resource and outreach education program

Year Level: Upper Primary (Years 3 – 6)

Students will use stop motion animation techniques to engage with the paintings and stories in the Nolan Collection. Stop motion animation is a fun and creative means of combining technology and the visual arts in a way that is engaging and meaningful for students. Once the basic skills and techniques of stop motion animation are understood, students can then apply this knowledge to bring any subject area to life.

TQI Accredited Teacher Professional Learning Workshop: Starting Stop.Motion.Nolan

The Teacher Professional Learning Workshop Starting Stop.Motion.Nolan is only available to teachers from the Canberra region who book STOP.MOTION.NOLAN. These workshops are built into a school booking and are offered at throughout the school year. They are designed to empower and support teachers by providing them with methods, techniques, strategies and resources to confidently and creatively implement the STOP.MOTION.NOLAN outreach learning resource in their own classroom. Workshops are TQI accredited for 2 hours of professional learning and are free of charge.

The Starting Stop.Motion.Nolan workshop will allow teachers to:

Become familiar with the STOP.MOTION.NOLAN resources and teacher notes

Unpack and set-up the outreach education kits

Play with iPads and App to create a short stop motion animation

Discuss various activities and approaches with colleagues

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Download online education resource

Download outreach program notes